Ben's Bricks Original Lego creations built in Calgary, Canada
Celebrating Albertas Ancient History in Lego Dinosaurs

Jungle with Raptor and Waterfall

T-Rex with Waterfall in the Background

Over 30 dinosaurs appear in this model, along with landscape elements like a volcano, jungle, waterfall and canyon. The model also features whimsical elements like people being chased by dinosaurs, and a helicopter hovering overhead as people examine a captured dinosaur. The model was displayed at approximately half a dozen venues around Calgary in late 2012 and early 2013.

Pieces: 30,000 (estimated)

Width: 320 studs (100 inches)
Depth: 64 studs (20 inches)
Height: 77 bricks (29 inches)

Construction Time: Approximately 4 Months

This model received the People's Choice Award at Brick Roundup 2013. It also received the Fan Choice Award at the 2013 Silver Springs and Scenic Acres LEGO Building Competition in Calgary.

This model was supported by Calgary 2012, the City of Calgary, and the Cultural Capital of Canada Program through the Grassroots Inspired Grants Program.

Jungle, Oasis, Helicopter and Canyon

Excavation Site

T-Rex Scaring a Person

Lava Cave

Lava Setting a Tree on Fire

T-Rex Chasing Dinosaurs through a Canyon

Raptors Enjoying the Shade at the Oasis

Standing next to the Waterfall, Observing the Dinosaurs

Pterodactyls Flying by the Volcano

Jungle with T-Rex, Triceratops and a Waterfall

Looking down on the Volcano, Jungle, Canyon and Oasis