Ben's Bricks Original Lego creations built in Calgary, Canada

About Us

Colorful Flowers Designing and building custom LEGO models is my speciality. Whether you'd like to commission 25 copies of a 1,000-piece model of a drilling platform (with custom printed bricks, boxes and instructions) to hand out to employees or customers, a 7-foot drilling rig built by your employees as a team building activity, or a 12,000 piece dinosaur for a short-term event, I can supply the parts, instructions, expertise and complete models necessary for success. Check out some of the pieces I have recently completed.

Vard Bunker Vessel Want your corporate logo built out of LEGO? No problem. I'll work with you to design and build an innovative piece that accurately represents your trademark in a fun way. Looking for a unique gift for your customers or employees, or a favour to share with the guests at your wedding? I can design a custom kit, provide the parts and printed instructions, and package them so that they are ready to hand out. Maybe you need some LEGO flowers because Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday or an anniversary snuck up on you? I can do that too.

If you have an idea that involves LEGO (especially large amounts of it) I can help you make it a reality. Please contact me so that we can explore your idea together.

New Central Library Calgary's New Central Library, commissioned by the Calgary Library Foundation, constructed by Ben Stephenson using approximately 100,000 bricks.

Dignitaries with LEGO Hardhats Six dignitaries were presented with LEGO hardhats at the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation's Topping-Off ceremony for the New Central Library. Photo courtesy of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.